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Here it is! This is where you want to be to read the latest diet tips, contest prep strategies, training information, motivational pieces…and oh yes, even the occasional rant! You’ll get 30+ years worth of experience – what got us in incredible shape and what we do to help our clients reach their goals! We’ll try to keep the content relevant and current. If it pertains to getting you to your physique goal we’ll write about it here!


Picking the Right Coach

These days, everyone seems to use a prep coach before entering a competition or physique transformation. With that said, do you know what you should be looking for in a coach? There are certain basic qualities that everyone should know and pay particular attention to: experience, honesty, and the “eye.”

Experience is a strong attribute when prepping clients. An experienced coach will have seen more diet road bumps and will have better tools to deal with problems when they occur.

The Week Post-Binge - Undoing the Damage

The week post binge – undoing the damage

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I’m certain you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat to read about the damage I did during my Mexican excursion as well as the strategies to rapidly accelerate my body to the previous week’s condition.  Wait no more…here it is!
We got home late Monday so the official weigh-in was on Tuesday AM and I couldn’t wait to see what the scale would reveal.  Yep, the number didn’t look good. 

Vacation During Contest Prep?

When potential clients tell us that they have a vacation booked in the middle of their contest prep it is almost always a “let’s look at another show” response. Such clients are convinced that such a break will actually aid in their motivation and may even boost their slowed metabolism. Both of these beliefs are false. Planning a vacation in the middle of prep really does the exact opposite of what the client has in mind. With over 15 years

Men's Classic Physique Posing Pearls

Men's Classic Physique Posing Pearls

This year’s introduction of Men’s Classic Physique to the OPA has opened new doors for male competitors as well as breathing new life into the sport of bodybuilding. Athletes are now given the opportunity to sculpt a physique which is more focused on pleasing shape and classical lines. This category doesn’t require the extreme levels of muscularity and conditioning as traditional bodybuilding. The body presented in the Men’s Classic Physique category is seen as a more attainable physique. This aspect …