Picking the Right Coach

These days, everyone seems to use a prep coach before entering a competition or physique transformation. With that said, do you know what you should be looking for in a coach? There are certain basic qualities that everyone should know and pay particular attention to: experience, honesty, and the “eye.”

Experience is a strong attribute when prepping clients. An experienced coach will have seen more diet road bumps and will have better tools to deal with problems when they occur.

Troubleshooting a diet crisis successfully comes with putting time in. Hiring a coach whose resume only reads as having competed in one show is a disaster waiting to happen. When we first started dieting clients, we studied under IFBB pros Donna and Brian Logue. They had years of experience, and we were lucky enough to have them teach us their craft. We worked with them for four years, discussing each client intimately and working out the successful plan of attack. It was an invaluable learning experience, and I don’t know of another prep coach who has gone through such a learning experience (other than Chris Aceto, who mentored under Bob Gruskin). Sure, trial and error is a great way to learn, but tell a client that you want to experiment on him and I know what I would say if I were the client! We really do owe Brian and Donna everything, as they set the foundation for what we do today.

Honesty is a tough one. It’s especially tough


The Coaches' Word

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