Elite Physique Training Hacks - Front Raise Variations

Elite Physique Training Hacks - Front Raise Variations

Welcome to the 3rd episode in our new video series – Elite Physique Training Hacks.  In this installment we’ll be revealing some cool variations to the traditional dumbbell front raise. We’ll go over Steering Wheel Raises and ways to incorporate its variations into your delt workout. Hit these hard and your front delts will beg for mercy! Your shoulder workouts will never be the same!!!

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Men's Classic Physique Posing Pearls

This year’s introduction of Men’s Classic Physique to the OPA has opened new doors for male competitors as well as breathing new life into the sport of bodybuilding. Athletes are now given the opportunity to sculpt a physique which is more focused on pleasing shape and classical lines. This category doesn’t require the extreme levels of muscularity and conditioning as traditional bodybuilding. The body presented in the Men’s Classic Physique category is seen as a more attainable physique. This aspect has proven to be a strong selling point of the division as witnessed by the wide age range of competitors on show day. It is common place to see the younger generation participating in Men’s Physique but now they have the opportunity to advance their physique in the Classic division. And the numbers prove it….Men’s Classic Physique is growing!

Success in this division really can be summed up in one word – homework. OPA Head Judge Rudy Jambrosic nails down this point at each competitor meeting when he stresses the importance of learning the history of the sport of bodybuilding. When an athlete understands the history they can truly understand what the judges are looking for in this category and can better prepare the look they present on the day of their show. Although, athletes need to do their homework before they step on an OPA stage let’s go over a few fine points that will help you succeed in Classic Physique….let’s look at this article as a cheat sheet …