Elite Physique Training Hacks - Front Raise Variations

Elite Physique Training Hacks - Front Raise Variations

Welcome to the 3rd episode in our new video series – Elite Physique Training Hacks.  In this installment we’ll be revealing some cool variations to the traditional dumbbell front raise. We’ll go over Steering Wheel Raises and ways to incorporate its variations into your delt workout. Hit these hard and your front delts will beg for mercy! Your shoulder workouts will never be the same!!!

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Elite Physique Training Hacks - Somersault Squats

Elite Physique Training Hacks - Somersault Squats

Welcome to the 2nd episode in our new video series – Training Hacks.  Today we’ll be introducing an innovative exercise for targeting your quad tear drops. It’s very similar to the traditional Sissy Squat and another great way to finish your leg workout. So grab the Smith Machine and give this one a go on your next leg day! Trust me…you’ll feel it for days afterwards! If you wear board shorts you need not view this video. LOL

Elite Physique Training Hacks - Lateral Raises

Elite Physique Training Hacks - Lateral Raises

Elite Physique is back!  I’d like to introduce our new video series – Training Hacks.  We’ll focus on showing how to get the most out of common exercises, how to perfect your form and reveal some unique exercises that most gym goers have never seen!  In this episode we’ll reveal a more effective way to perform lateral raises.  This is a video you don’t want to miss.  Wide delts are not only important on stage for ALL categories but the strong look that barn door delts has on a physique cannot be denied when dressed up for a formal event!  This is the one body part that will turn heads even when you are clothed!  Check it out, try it on your next shoulder day and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

The Week Post-Binge - Undoing the Damage

The week post binge – undoing the damage

Mexican Feast rsz v2

I’m certain you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat to read about the damage I did during my Mexican excursion as well as the strategies to rapidly accelerate my body to the previous week’s condition.  Wait no more…here it is!
We got home late Monday so the official weigh-in was on Tuesday AM and I couldn’t wait to see what the scale would reveal.  Yep, the number didn’t look good.  I had gained 19 lbs but they were 19lbs of marvelous Mexican buffet memories.  Meh.  Let’s look at the gain logically…some of it was fat but much of it was water.  Typically, it takes me about 4 days to see a water drop when coming off a cheat day so I don’t expect this to be much different.  With a focused effort, I set a plan in motion to get the weight back down within 2 weeks (if not sooner).

The plan – an overview


Cardio Start rsz v2

I actually did cardio while I was away at the resort but cardio was immediately ramped up this week.   A typical cardio session would include the treadmill set at incline level 3 and at speed 3-3.2.  I may vary a little bit but not by much.  I did that in Mexico and that programming continued when I got home.  I went right back to 2 x 30 minute sessions per day.  The only difference is I pulled out 3 sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Friday …

Vacation During Contest Prep?

When potential clients tell us that they have a vacation booked in the middle of their contest prep it is almost always a “let’s look at another show” response. Such clients are convinced that such a break will actually aid in their motivation and may even boost their slowed metabolism. Both of these beliefs are false. Planning a vacation in the middle of prep really does the exact opposite of what the client has in mind. With over 15 years of contest prep experience I can honestly count on one hand the number of clients who went away during their prep phase and didn’t entirely derail their initial efforts. The ones who are able to maintain their conditioning always admit that it came at a cost. Being away on vacation is about letting loose and being shackled to a strict diet regime restricts this. Why spend all that money on a vacation when you would be so heavily restricted? It makes no sense to us. It is true that an extended calorie restricted diet will lower metabolism but going all out at the buffet for an entire week at an all exclusive resort will certainly do more than “reset” the metabolism. That’s just a poor excuse for lack of willpower. Let’s face it a spike meal/day may be beneficial to some clients and at certain points in their prep but it is not needed as often as most keyboard gurus recommend.

It is only under extremely rare circumstances that Michelle …

The Past Keeps Haunting Me

What is Operation: Phoenix Rising (Op PR)? Simply put it’s my return to Shrezville! I’ve been away from the stage for far too long. Although that desire to step on stage never leaves me it’s something that I cannot realistically commit to. However, I can go through the process and get stage ready. That is the purpose of this blog!

Initially, I only had a small amount of motivation to get shredded again but listening to Ken “Skip” Hill’s comments on his return to the stage really lit a fire under my ass. Listening to his journey on Blood, Sweat and Gear and reading his blogs on EliteFTS set my journey in motion. Christ, I even messaged him and told him the wheels were moving!

So I started to drop weight. My initial drop seems quite extreme but you really must understand where I started. I was about 75% through a slin-dominate bulking phase. Anyone who has followed such a protocol will be familiar with the large amount of water retention that is gained. I was not the exception to the rule. At my high point, I believe, I was sitting at a hefty 305lbs! It was hard to breath and walk around but I love being that bulky. I didn’t have the sweat gainz but I was always out of breath which I can contribute to the rapid weight gain which my cardiovascular system wasn’t able to keep up with. To get the weight off I went to my …