Success Stories v2

  • Dave B After v2
  • Dave B Before v2

photoshoot client

dave b.

Here’s one of our photoshoot clients, Dave B. He shredded up and lost 30lbs for the goal of a doing a professional photoshoot. This guy gets it. Hard work and living the lifestyle pays its rewards. We couldn’t be more proud of this guy  A true pleasure to work with.  Congrats Dave!

Men’s physique contest prep

trent d.

Here’s the amazing transformation of Elite Physique Canada Competition Team Member Trent D.  Trent took home 1st place in Men’s Physique Class C at the 2017 Canadian Natural Nationals (World Qualifier). So proud of this guy for getting it done. He was sick at the start of prep which set him behind and also became a father during his dieting phase. Talk about dealing with stress and coming out on top. Trent is off to represent Canada on the World’s stage this Novemeber!

  • Trent After v2
  • Trent Before v3
  • Dwayne G After
  • Dwayne G Before



What can we say…the pictures say it all. This is what a 134 lbs weight loss looks like. Of all the clients we’ve worked Dwayne lost the most. We’ve had several in the 100 lbs club but Dwayne has set a new record. This guy killed his weight loss journey.  I really am at a total loss for words. No complaints ever. He had what most would see as an insurmountable goal and he conquered it. Dwayne really has the tenacity that champions are made of.  A dream client – you bet!

Bikini Contest Prep

Michelle P.

Check out Michelle’s transformation! She shed 37lbs and took home 2nd place Bikini Short at the 2017 OPA Stephanie Worsfold Natural Classic. What an amazing client. Always bubbly, upbeat and smiling. Not one complaint during her prep – she just executed and got it done. Michelle and I very proud of her!

  • Michelle P After
  • Michelle P Before
  • Ryan M After
  • Ryan M Before

Bodybuilding contest prep

ryan M.

Congrats to Elite Physique Canada Competition Team Member Ryan M. for killing it at the 2017 CBBF Natural Nationals. Ryan took home 3rd place in the Middleweight class! This guy worked hard and was rewarded! We can’t say enought good things about this guy’s work ethic and positive attitude.  A well deserved victory!

Bodybuilding contest prep

chris l.

Chris competed in the 2015 Winston Roberts Open Championships and took home 1st in the Middleweight division and also won the Darren Oliver Most Potential Award!  A very hard worker that put in the effort and got the results!

  • Chris L After
  • Chris L Before

  • Nimo I After
  • Nimo I Before



Nimo killed her prep and took home the  1st place trophy for Figure Class 1 at the 2014 OPA Stratford Championships! Nimo is a former kick boxer who decided to compete – and never picked up a weight before she began dieting with us – can you say genetics!!!  She also worked with for the 2014 OPA Provincial Championships and won 1st place in Figure Class 1!  Just a complete pleasure to work with!

Photoshoot Clients

Jim and Denise P.

Jim and Denise killed their photoshoot transformation! It’s hard to believe that this is the same couple.  Jim and Denise  lost a combined weight of 247 lbs! What we try to impress on clients is that such a substantial weight loss (and keeping it off) is an entire lifestyle change. Cheats can be had but must be controlled and planned. An active lifestyle must be adapted but it carries over to other aspects of life. Do you think the couple in the before picture could have run the Golden Gate bridge in San Fransico as they did this past year? There is so much to say, so many words of wisdom for those looking to transform but I’ll leave the spotlight on Jim and Denise. They did all the hard work and deserve all the compliments. Michelle and I are very proud to be a part of their journey!

  • Jim and Denise After rsz
  • Jim and Denise Before rsz


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