The Past Keeps Haunting Me

What is Operation: Phoenix Rising (Op PR)? Simply put it’s my return to Shrezville! I’ve been away from the stage for far too long. Although that desire to step on stage never leaves me it’s something that I cannot realistically commit to. However, I can go through the process and get stage ready. That is the purpose of this blog!

Initially, I only had a small amount of motivation to get shredded again but listening to Ken “Skip” Hill’s comments on his return to the stage really lit a fire under my ass. Listening to his journey on Blood, Sweat and Gear and reading his blogs on EliteFTS set my journey in motion. Christ, I even messaged him and told him the wheels were moving!

So I started to drop weight. My initial drop seems quite extreme but you really must understand where I started. I was about 75% through a slin-dominate bulking phase. Anyone who has followed such a protocol will be familiar with the large amount of water retention that is gained. I was not the exception to the rule. At my high point, I believe, I was sitting at a hefty 305lbs! It was hard to breath and walk around but I love being that bulky. I didn’t have the sweat gainz but I was always out of breath which I can contribute to the rapid weight gain which my cardiovascular system wasn’t able to keep up with. To get the weight off I went to my traditional approach of high protein, moderate carbs and low fat. That’s always worked well for me and I was able to get down to around 257lbs. At that point I decided to implement more of a Scott Abel approach and follow a diet more aligned with his theories. I switched up my original plan and focused on Scott’s low cal, high carb, low fat, moderate protein strategy. One of the main reasons I chose this approach was that my weekly protein bill would be quite a bit less. Sure, I’ll feel like I want to gnaw off my arm but I had worked with Scott in 1993 so I know what to expect and how to “survive”. Believe it or not, I manage very well on low cals!

My next few installments will include my current diet and training program. I plan to detail these out in Op PR with the intent of showing others how to get lean and motivate some to get ripped but also as a means to motivate myself and keep me on track!

So, bookmark this page and keep coming back. I’m going to detail it all out…all of it. This is a blog you don’t want to miss!